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Lindsey Long, MD

It is a very unique role as a pediatrician that I have learned over years of practice is essential to the overall wellness of the family unit. This practice will also be focusing on supporting and aiding new mothers in navigating feeding (both breast and bottle) as this can be a time consuming and emotionally charged task that we often do not have adequate time to fully support in a busy general pediatric clinic.
  • Include pictures of Gunney – her blind dog with no eyes
  • Want people to be able to schedule follow up appointments through the website
  • Front staff at private practice schedules initial appointments, Lindsey schedules follow ups
  • Scheduling is done through Google suite right now
  • Pricing information and insurance information: will need pricing info documented
  • Would like ADHD testing information on the site: will need content
  • Communicates the who and why – specialty pediatric clinic

Our Vission

This is who I am, this is what I can do for your child

  • Clearly communicates services – what is offered
  • Contact Us tab with form for requesting an appointment
    • Need to define form requirements for contact request
  • First phone number on the existing site is the appointment
  • Create email responder form submission with direct phone line and setting
  • RX refills – would be nice to have this setup through the site or as an email but need to understand the HIPPA compliance
    • Current process is Refill request is submitted > goes to clerk/nurse > vetted for if it can be refilled with the current information > Lindsey approves the request using a separate/private token > sent directly to the pharmacy
    • Lindsey to figure out what this looks like without mychart and get back to me

Lets Consultation


  • Need a link to Pietruck Therapy Services
  • Mission statement is on the existing site
  • Problems We’re Trying To Solve
    • Are you looking for:
      • This is perfect for you if you’re looking for XX – need this from Lindsey
      • Need a provider who will not take away from patient care
      • Promotes the concept that “it is okay not to be okay”
      • It’s important for people to be and feel seen: you are not the only person who doesn’t have it together
      • Mental health is health
      • A provider that sees your child as a person
      • People feel empowered by the healthcare provided

Special Notes

  • Pediatrician – not a PCP: cannot be a primary care provider for well visits
  • Cole to define what I would be looking for as a parent that would engage with this business
  • Doesn’t need to be a patient of the therapy group
  • Does my child need to be on medication
  • Events page with eventbrite integration
    • Cancellations need to be able to be refunded – even if it’s next day
  • Do not want to have a payment processor on the site
  • Community is a part of the brand


Two arms of the practice – interpersonal care and community activities/events


  • Some events would be at the office, some would be at external locations
  • Small Groups – not specific to patients – it’s open to everyone
    • Walk and talk with a general pediatrician: Morning and Evening options – group setting for parents to ask questions of a provider that they wouldn’t feel comfortable
    • Webinars/Lectures:
      • Sessions discussing common parenting pain points
      • Events with Themed mocktail and foods: You don’t need alcohol to unwind but let’s get together and talk about the things that matter in patient care
    • Daycare and date nights: Parents without a lot of support can’t get out and do the things they need to. Group date nights that include daycare for kids
  • Mom wellness days
    • Clothing swaps, shampoo and blowouts, photography sessions
    • Women lifting each other up
    • Aestheticians and dermatologists providing lectures on common mom things
    • Craft days: making baby blankets while you’re talking about challenges as a mom

Patient care

  • Provides a unique, patient-first experience with interpersonal care
    • ADHD diagnosis and care
    • Comfort corner – in the office
      • But it can also be built at home
      • Includes
        • Break box (break it and pitch it) or yelling pillows for anger management / frustration
        • Sleeping spaces that make
      • Building the bridge between medical and mental care – holistic care of the family to support all the pieces of the wellness of a child and a family
        • Individual wellness of the parent as a person
        • Wellness of the partnership between the parents
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